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Time for Drive-Thru? Find the Best Burgers Near Salem, OR

You might be in the Salem, OR area at some point, and there will be a moment when you are hungry for a nice, juicy burger topped with something way better than a limp pickle slice, wilted lettuce, and a pinkish tomato. The best burgers are creative, and here are a few we suggest you might like to try out.

1. Bo & Vine Burger Bar

Specializing in grass-fed beef in its trendy “smashburgers,” this place is focused on an artisan touch and prides itself on an array of customer-pleasing toppings. On crusty buns or toasts, you’ll find the Pitmaster (with ham, bacon, BBQ sauce, sriracha mayo, and more), the Willamette (with goat cheese, bacon, house sweet chili sauce, caramelized onion, plus), the O Canada (with egg, bacon, cheddar, bacon jam, and …), as well as other flashy co-stars.


2. Breakfast & Burgers

Does what it says on the tin. This diner spot has its fans, and the burgers are the main feature. These go from the basics up to burgers with avocado or chili, a BBQ cheeseburger, and one with egg, bacon, and cheese if you really get into your protein! How about a nacho jalapeno burger, a teriyaki burger, or a blue cheese option? A veggie version is available, plus a sausage burger.

3. Masonry Grill

This is a full-service restaurant, so there are lots of choices to please any hungry visitor. Aside from pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, and more, they feature burgers with stylings that include bacon and BBQ sauce, queso fresco and guacamole, and bacon and blue cheese. Go for a breakfast burger that has bacon, egg, hash brown, and sriracha sauce. Or stay veggie with a black bean number plus chipotle cole slaw and queso fresco. And there’s more.

4. Nancy Jo’s Burgers & Fries

One of those local chains with shops sprinkled through Salem and beyond, this isn’t a super fancy place but has been a solid offering based on sirloin and, for the “Big Burger,” an upgrade available to prime beef. The basics are here at affordable rates, with options to add things like bacon, jalapenos, grilled mushrooms and onions, and sweet relish, plus a choice of classic sauces as well as jalapeno ranch and Nancy Jo’s “Secret Burger Sauce.”

5. Rex Prehistoric Patties

A dinosaur-themed burger joint? Why didn’t we think of it first? In the Fork Forty Food Hall, its tight little menu includes the Rex basic burger, which you can double (or sub with a veggie burger), and then there is the selection of toppings from mushrooms to egg, to bacon, and more. There’s a choice of sauces, as well — and pile on everything they offer to build the Tyrant Lizard King. Yes, they do have fries.
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