Worth the Morning Drive: 5 of the Best Breakfast Places in Salem, OR

Salem, OR is a town full of history and great places to eat. It also has an especially good selection of breakfast places, so on those mornings when you don’t feel like cooking, hop in your 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum, and take advantage of the vehicle’s luxurious three rows of seating that will ensure you can take the whole family with you, and check out some of the best breakfast places in Salem!

1. Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth prides itself on being Salem’s friendly neighborhood bistro and is open for breakfast Wednesday-Sunday. The bistro has been open since 2008 and is a great place for friends and family to catch up while enjoying some good food. Word of Mouth’s menu includes bistro breakfast dishes, hash dishes, pancakes, French toast, gravy dishes, burritos, omelets, and more. If you’re looking for a sweet side, consider ordering a cinnamon roll pancake.


2. Annette’s Westgate Cafe

Annette’s Westgate Cafe believes in the importance of friends, family, and food and is open daily. The cafe specializes in American cuisine and its breakfast menu includes omelets, skillets, Annette’s favorites, biscuits, healthy start dishes, and sweet dishes. Some of Annette’s favorites include prime hash, eggs Benedict, a breakfast scramble, seafood Benedict, and a traditional breakfast. If you’re looking for a healthy dish, consider trying Annette’s oatmeal.

3. White’s Restaurant

White’s Restaurant has been serving the town of Salem since 1936 and is Salem’s oldest diner. The restaurant cooks all of its food fresh daily and is open for breakfast daily. Its menu includes hearty breakfast favorites, light breakfasts, biscuits and gravy, omelets, and breakfast sides. If you’re looking to start your day off with something light, consider ordering the restaurant’s eggs and fruit, which is a fresh fruit boat served with two eggs.

4. French Press Coffee and Crepes

French Press Coffee and Crepes is open daily for breakfast and sells a mix of coffee drinks, tea drinks, fruit smoothies, savory crepes, sweet crepes, paninis, and breakfast variety dishes. Available breakfast variety dishes include a loaded breakfast crepe, brioche French toast, a chorizo breakfast crepe, and spicy Greek sausage. If you’re looking for a sweet coffee to pair with a savory breakfast dish, consider trying the shop’s white chocolate mocha.

5. Patty’s Off-Center Cafe

Patty’s Off-Center Cafe has been open since 2015 and makes as many of its dishes in-house as it can. The restaurant’s breakfast menu includes scrambles, entrees, omelets, sweeter side items, lighter side items, and a la carte dishes. Available entrees include a breakfast burrito, a breakfast sandwich, chicken fried steak, corned beef hash, and eggs Benedict. If you’re looking for a plant-based meal, consider ordering Patty’s tofu scramble.

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